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AMD TB 1.4Ghz with fans at minimum speed: 43°C
AMD TB 1.4Ghz with fans at maximum speed: 33°C
AMD TB 1.4Ghz @ 1.6Ghz with fans at maximum speed: 43°C
Motherboard: Abit KG7 Raid with 512Mb DDR apacer, Zalman CPU cooler, Elsa GF3 Ti200, Audigi Gamer.
May 10th I upgraded to: -MSI KT7 Ultra 333 -AMD XP2000+ with Zalman cooler -512Mb DDR apacer -GF3 Ti200 Elsa -Audigy Gamer -4 Maxtor 40Gb 7200RPM -Enermax Power supply -Digidoc -LG DVD + CDRW -Bay bus, VFD display, usb hub -4 12cm and 2 9cm enermax fans


I though all heat sources had to be separated to get a better result with over clocking, That's why this case a much bigger then most cases. To keep the Db's down I used 12cm fans with 2 speed levels, controlled by the latest digidoc, which supports 12cm fans. The bay bus is not used anymore for the moment but can be used for other things. I also build in a VFD-display, something like LCD but with a much better quality, it's also twice as expensive then LCD. Then there's also an Enermax 340W with 2 fans(8&9 cm), an usb hub mostly used for an usb light for laptops to light the keyboard at night. There's also a compartment specially made for the cables in the case. The buttons in front are connected with the power and hd led. Most important thing is that you can completely demount the case without any screws. The top and sides just slide out.
All materials come from Plug&Play www.plug-play.be


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