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Drigger morfi2000 Stifmaster wAldi

Klaus Pakalen

Hinzugefügt am 10.02.2004, 16:44,


Asus A7S333
512 DDR
80Gb IBM
GF MX 440 128DDR


To start, there is the black n' orange paintjob and the top, and the side window. There are 3 Coldcathodes, 2 in the case, and 1 under the case. Inside, I have rounded the IDE-cables and put allmost all the wires into packs, so it wont be so messy. There's 2 fans, a plastic one, with a lasercut "fingerprotector" smilie and a silent basic one in the front. The HD is silenced in a pretty original way (hanging from rubber 3cm x 2cm pieces, it reduces the operating voice). In the front there is a cold cathode control-unit, including soundsensitivity. The guts of my comp are pretty modest, but i haven't put my money in to that part smilie.


Klaus Pakalen Klaus Pakalen
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