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- Mainboard: Asus A7V8X-X (FSB: 140mhz/280mhz ddr)
- Cpu: XP2400 @ 2100MHZ
- Ram: 128mb infinion ddr400 + 256mb infinion @ 2-2-2-6
- Gfx: FX5900xt @ 450/790MHZ
- Sound: SBlive audigy2 ZS
- HDs:
WD 10gb 5400 (Boot disk)
Seagate 40gb (Win2000)
Maxtor 60gb (MP3s)
2xSeagate 200gb (Raid_1) (Games/DLs/Backup/etc)


4x120mm (125m³/h each)
4x80mm (76m³/h each)
1x300mm crossflow fan (46 CFM)

I know Its not "modded" But the cooling is realy outstanding and looks damn cool.
the only contra about this case is my missing skill of wiring, the inside realy looks bad,
im sorry for that.
Oh well and of course it is god damn LOUD smilie


fiLa fiLa
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